Protecting our communities from systemic racism and violence, and the climate emergency go hand in hand.

That is why your vote is critical to turning the tide in the November presidential election.

On August 12th we’re elevating stories of Indigenous wisdom and Black liberation during a 2 hour livestream starting at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

Hear the perspectives of frontliners, movement builders and artists.

Learn how and why young people vote (or don’t), what’s at stake this election and how you can influence change and give voice to your communities in November and beyond.




Protect Democracy, Protect Our Vote

Featuring Van Jones, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez &
Simone Johnson

The power to shape our world lies in our democracy. A shift in the collective perception of each person’s individual contribution towards democracy is fundamental to the cultural shift currently awakening America. We are evolving from an individualistic society that values competition over collaboration, to a society that recognizes the inherent power of realizing and respecting each other. By revisiting our past and ensuring that action is a fundamental component of our everyday lives, we are rewriting our futures. This means revisiting the social and political structures that uphold a few people’s ideas about who is worthy of participating in our democracy. In this conversation, hear from CNN Political Commentator & CEO of Reform Alliance, Van Jones, Artists & Activist, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Activist & Community Organizer, Simone Johnson about how we are shifting society to enfranchise all people to participate in our democracy.

Resourcing Community in the Wake of the Climate Crisis: The Intersection of Finance & Policy

Featuring Reverend Lennox Yearwood and Kaylah Brathwaite

We know that the safest communities are the ones with the most resources. Policy dictates which communities receive resources and which don’t and financial institutions play a monumental role in determining how funding is accessed by communities. In the fight for climate justice, Reverend Lennox Yearwood has dedicated his career to advocating for divestment from fossil fuel infrastructure, which harms the health and wellbeing of people and contributes to the lack of equity funneled to communities of color. During this in-conversation with Kaylah Brathwaite, Director of Operations at Zero Hour hear and Reverend Lennox Yearwood at Hip Hop Caucus about how activists and community leaders are working to hold financial institutions accountable to resourcing communities from an equity justice lense. Participants will walk away knowing why it’s so important that they personally leverage the power of democracy to shift resources where they’re needed most.

Voting & Revolting: What Civic Engagement Looks Like in BIPOC Communities

Featuring Jasilyn Charger, Zeena Abdulkarim, Tokata Iron Eyes, Vic Barrett, Jeeva Senthilnathan & Larry Thompson Sr.

There are deep-rooted historical intricacies tied to why people of color don’t vote. There are also people of color who are passionate about civic engagement and being a part of the democratic process. The spectrum of engagement spans a vast landscape of opinions and viewpoints. In this Q&A, six young activists will discuss how the BIPOC community feels and engages with voting (or not), and the validity in both. Bringing in opposing viewpoints and hard questions is necessary to understanding the complexity of civic engagement within these communities.